Security Bond

Due to the high retail value and delicate nature of our garments, we require a upfront bond so that we are protected in case our dresses are damaged, lost or stolen.

Please be aware that while you are not required to clean the garments, any grass or pollen or fake tan stains on our garment will incur extra charges as they usually can't be removed by general cleaning and require extra time and effort from specialists. In order to avoid extra charges, please:

- Kindly avoid dragging the garment along the floor while you walk or sitting directly on the ground, to prevent grass or pollen from permanently staining the garments.

- If you need to sit on the ground for your photos, please lay a blanket/throw on the floor first.

- Please hold the bottom of the garments while you walk on grass to prevent them getting pulled or stained.

- Please get your fake tan done a few days before your event apply baby power in sweaty areas such as underarms and under the bra, in order to prevent the tan from staining the garments. 

Late Fees:
If the dress is returned late and you did not attempt to communicate with us about the delay, a late fee will be deducted from the security deposit. Late fee is calculated as 20% of the rental cost of the item per day.